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Consulting, Development and Investment.

About us

We are a multi-disciplinary consulting practise specializing in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Project Management, Aviation and Airspace, Manufacturing and Warehousing and Software Development. We are operating with a multitude of Associates in related and unrelated fields.


We specialize in Civil and Structural Engineering, Municipal Infrastructure and Airports and Aviation. One of our directors has been a City Engineer for many years and consult on Municipal services, Finance, Financial and Management software suites as well.

Our Architectural section delivers a wide range of innovative designs for Residential, Commercial, Industrial buildings and Hotels and Lodges.


We are also developers of various Land Use categories and especially in Commercial, Industrial and Airport use. Over the years we have developed six hundred houses as well as many Commercial and Indutrial properties for clients. We have a large portfolio of investments in Residential and Industrial Buildings.


Our large developments are mainly with large Financial Institutions overseas, who invest readily in our prime projects.

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Elsewhere on these pages you will find details of all our Projects and Services and you are welcome to contact us should you be interested in doing business with a Company who does business with absolute Integrity.