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We add value to your projects Civil & Structural Engineers, Architects, Project Managers since 1980
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We are specialists in Municipal Services and Infrastructure and Civil and Structural Engineering. Our directors have been involved in Local Government, Municipal Engineering, Municipal Administration and Finance and City Councils for more than 20 years and have done numerous projects on Water Schemes, Sewerage Schemes, Roads and Stormwater and Electrical Reticulations.

We provide state of the art services in Municipal Services and Infrastructure over a wide spectrum which includes Planning and Design, Implementation and Construction, Site Management, Commissioning, Maintenance, Operation, Administration and Finance, Client Service Centres and Policies.

One of our directors has vast hands-on experience in Municipal Engineering, Administration and Governance from his posts as City Engineer, Councillor and Mayor.

We are a multi-disciplinary consulting company in the fields of Engineering (civil, structural and electrical), Architecture and Project Management and operate in all the fields you would expect from a cutting edge consultancy.

We conduct business on the basis of :
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Absolute integrity and honesty
  • Quality and personal service.


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